Admissions Procedure

If you and your surgeon agree that an operation is the best option for you, then the team at YOC will schedule a convenient date for surgery.  It is from this point that you will need to learn and understand what to expect from your operation and recovery, and work with your surgeon and our team to create a treatment plan that will achieve the best result after your procedure. Appreciating the mental and physical demands of surgical recovery is a fundamental step in achieving a successful outcome.   

At YOC we believe that it is the team approach that will give you the best result either with or without surgery.  As surgeons we understand that our role is only part of this wider multi-disciplinary team.  We aim to surround you with a highly-qualified caring team of nurses, physiotherapists and other health professionals who are all focused on delivering a bespoke treatment plan for your needs.  


For the majority of surgical cases an experienced member of the nursing team carries out a pre-operative assessment that can either be a through a telephone medical questionnaire or in a pre-assessment clinic.  This will usually be undertaken approximately 2 weeks prior to your date for surgery. At this consultation any blood tests, x-rays or an ECG are undertaken in preparation for your operation.  It is also at this consultation that instructions are given to you about whether you will need to stop any of your medications prior to surgery as well as instructions about when to stop eating prior to the anaesthetic. 

Day of Surgery

You will be advised what time you need to arrive in hospital in order that you can be reviewed by your surgeon and anaesthetist and then changed into a theatre gown by the team of nurses on the ward.  From here you will transferred to the operating theatre suite for your surgery. 

Post-operative Care

You will routinely be reviewed by your surgeon after the operation, and again each day during your in-patient stay.  On occasions this could be by one of the other consultants from YOC.  On discharge, you will be provided with any medication needed, given clear instructions about wound management (eg removal of stitches) and a plan for follow up including physiotherapy if needed.